Take 5 For Safety – Identifying Fatigue


Identifying Fatigue

Fatigue is the condition of being physically or mentally tired or exhausted. Extreme fatigue can lead to uncontrolled and involuntary shutdown of the brain.

Here are some things to look for in your co-workers to help identify fatigue. Everyone needs your help, because in most cases, people who are under significant fatigue can’t identify it themselves. These include:

  • Their job performance slows.
  • Their job quality is reduced.
  • They can’t recall their last thought, conversation, or what they did a moment ago.
  • They have trouble solving problems.
  • They make errors.
  • They have a near-miss accident.
  • They have trouble focusing.
  • The head droops.
  • They can’t stop yawning.

When you’re fatigued you will make errors in judgment. Your mind or eyes can be off task and you can make a critical error.
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