Take 5 For Safety – Mounting and Dismounting Equipment

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Mounting and Dismounting Equipment

General info

Mounting and dismounting equipment is one of the most dangerous activities associated with equipment. The reason for this is due to a variety of factors:

o Rushing and not paying attention to foot or hand placement

o Slippery or obstructed surfaces

Things You Can Do to Reduce Injuries Due to Mounting and Dismounting 
ALWAYS read the Operation & Maintenance Manual for proper mount and dismount procedures
* Inspect the ground before climbing up or down. Note where feet will be placed to avoid a twisted or sprained ankle
* ALWAYS check the condition of the steps, ladders and rails for mud, water, ice, dust or any other material that could cause slips
* Always maintain three points of contact when mounting and dismounting equipment – This means always have two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot in contact with the machine at all times
+ Doing so means not carrying items when mounting or dismounting equipment
+ If carrying items up and down from the cab is necessary, place the item(s) on a bench or a ledge of the equipment and stagger step the items up or down with the extra hand while maintaining three points of contact, or you can also use a rope to raise or lower the items

* ALWAYS mount and dismount while facing the equipment
* Inspect the condition of rails and guarding for damage and effectiveness
* Always close and latch gates, as required, for fall protection
* Close doors to the equipment in case the outside grab bars are used as handles while climbing in or out

DO NOT RUSH – Take the time needed to properly enter and exit the equipment; do not skip steps or rungs in the ladder

Questions to Generate Discussion:

– What is the top reason for slips and trips while mounting and dismounting your equipment?

– In what condition are the steps, ladders, and handrails on the machines that you use?


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