Take 5 For Safety – Machine Safety – Before Operations

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Machine Safety—Before Operations

Pre-Start Procedures

– Always perform a pre-shift walk around inspection

– Clear all personnel and obstacles from the machine path.

– Turn battery disconnect switch to “ON.”

– Clean and secure all windows and doors.

– Adjust mirrors for optimum vision.

– Adjust seat for pedal operation and operator’s height and weight.

– Inspect and fasten seatbelt or harness.

– Sound horn prior to start-up.

– Start engine from operator’s compartment only.

After Starting Machine

– Allow engine to warm up at low idle.

– Conduct monitoring system test per Operation and Maintenance Manual (if applicable).

– Check panel indicator lights and gauges frequently.

– Check transmission oil level (if applicable).

– Perform brake checks (per Operation and Maintenance Manual).

Preparing to Move

– Sound horn according to site regulations (allowing three to five seconds after to enable anyone to get out of the way).

– Raise all lowered implements

– Push on the service brake pedal and disengage parking brake.

– Unlock transmission and move control lever to desired gear.

– Release the service brake pedal


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