Take 5 For Safety – Pre-Shift Checklist

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Pre-shift Checklist

General info

This Tool Box Talk has been developed to give the reader a list of criteria to check before starting work each day. It is for general application, and some processes, equipment and industries may not be represented. Always check with your supervisor regarding start-up questions or concerns, if not addressed below.

* Verify machine guarding is in place and working properly 

* Verify there are no leaks or spills in or around equipment; check condition of hoses (pneumatic, hydraulic, oil, air)
* Verify emergency stops are in place and appear to be functional (for stationary equipment)
* Verify brakes are functional (including parking brake) for mobile equipment
* Verify the equipment is clean, no loose objects, rocks, debris that could fall and cause injury
* Verify bolts, belts, gears, attachments and other removable parts are properly attached and fastened
* Verify fluid levels meet manufacturer’s requirements
* Verify lighting and audible alarms are working properly
* Operate or exercise large parts (booms, arms, buckets) a few times to prepare the equipment for all-day operation
* Verify the status of repairs made prior to shift start to reduce chances of loose or unattached tooling, buckets or implements
* Verify fire suppression equipment, spill kits and other emergency response supplies are available

Work Environment
* Verify walkways and means of egress are not obstructed and there are no slip, trip or fall hazards
* Verify lighting is acceptable to do the work
* Verify Personal Protective Equipment is available and ready to wear
* Verify tools and personal belongings such as a lunch pail or thermos are stored safely and can be accessed safely
* Communicate with the prior-shift operator, if available – Share safety concerns as well as operational details of the day


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