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Personal Protective Equipment

General Information

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is gear that can be worn to help minimize or eliminate injury. It can be worn to help prevent sudden injuries (bumps, falls, pinches, etc.) or injuries that occur over time (lower-back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.).

It is very important the user understands the intended purpose of the PPE and verifies that it fits properly.

Types of PPE
There are many types of PPE developed for various hazards and industries. PPE will not be fully effective unless it fits properly and is worn correctly. The type of PPE will depend on the area of the body at risk and the type of hazard (e.g. projectile, heat, chemical exposure, fumes, elevations, confined space, etc.).

Area of Body

Types of PPE


Safety goggles and glasses, weld masks, face shields


Ear muffs, ear plugs

Respiratory system

Respirators, Nuisance (dust) masks, ventilated hoods


Protective helmets, bump caps, hairnets


Fall restraints, reflective vests, aprons, back braces


Heavy-duty work gloves, rubber (latex) gloves, protective sleeves, wrist supports


Steel-toed foot wear, metatarsal covers, chaps


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