Take 5 For Safety – Seat Belts

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Seat Belts

Seat belts, when used properly, hold the operator in the seat and helps contain them inside the rollover protection structure (ROPS) in the event of a collision or tip-over. The seat assembly, which includes the seat belt and mounting hardware, should be inspected regularly. Inspection is recommended during the pre-shift walk around and as instructed in the manufacturer’s operation & maintenance manual. Include the following items when inspecting the seat belt:

* Inspect the seat belt mounting hardware for wear or damage Replace any mounting hardware that is worn or damaged
* Inspect mounting bolts

Tighten mounting bolts if the bolts are loose
* Inspect the buckle for wear or damage

Replace the seat belt if the buckle is worn or damaged
* Inspect the seat belt webbing for wear or damage

Replace the seat belt if webbing is worn or damaged
* Inspect seat belt buckle and retractor(s) for proper function
* Inspect the seat belt label for date of installation

Replace the seat belt if seat belt buckle or retractor is not functioning

Recommend replacement at three years service life

Additional inspection for three point seat belt (if equipped)
* Inspect shoulder loop web guide

Adjust shoulder loop hardware and/ or remove obstruction
* Inspect the seat belt height adjuster

Replace the seat belt if the height adjuster is not functioning

Consult your dealer for the replacement of the seat belt and the mounting hardware.

* Perform inspections of the seat belt and mounting hardware before operating the machine
* Replace any damaged or worn parts
* Wear seat belt at all times while operating the machine
* Sponge the webbing clean with mild soap and water. DO NOT use bleach, dye or industrial detergents


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